FYI: links broken

(If there is a better place or way to report such things to the website maintainer, please let me know.)

All the links on this page and elsewhere throw a 404 “Page not found” error. For example, the link under “What’s been helpful to the tango community during COVID?” goes to blog dot awakentango dot com with that title as the address. That would mean that there would need to be a webpage there for every topic posted here.

Something is misconfigured, I think.

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Thanks for letting me know. We just changed the domain structure of things a bit, and I haven’t done a redirect from old to new yet.

All the content should be there, just with a www instead of blog - or using the search. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@davidp - can you check again? It works for me, for some weird reason – must have been cached in my browser.

Basically, most if not all of these links are shadowed here as well, in #blogs. I think they were all authored by @mitramartin, who also has another copy of the articles on her blog, right?

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On the main Discourse page, with all the topics listed, I clicked on the light blue link that said awakentango [dot] com. That took me to blog [dot] awakentango [dot] com/why-document-your-tango-curriculum/, and that produced a 404 page not found error. I tried it in the latest Chrome browser, in an incognito window (so no cache).

Hi @daniel ! Welcome @davidp , nice to see you here!

I believe I’ve now deleted all the files that are not meant to exist on the awakentango site anymore. David, that content is now here if you would like to review. Warmest, Mitra

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