History of tango (last 20 years)

Take a look at one teaching couple‘s journey over the last two decades:

Thanks for sharing this, Daniel. Its a nice memory. I’d love to hear a little bit what their perspective, priorities, perceptions were along the way. What’s nice to see is that their dance stays pretty consistent.

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You’ll see a lot of that in their teaching, and probably also the book/dvd.

I’ve spent some hours discussing the evolution of tango in Europe speaking to Michael Domke and Gerrit Schüler, and a bit with Eric Jorissen.

There’s a bunch of interesting stories.

I love the idea to capture some of this knowledge/history. @Daniel Trenner is also a great source for this. I wonder if there is a consistent narrative regarding tangos evolution since the 1990s, or if it’s wildly varied by perspective. I’d love to see some arc/development line across at least 3 facets: 1)Dance style (and perhaps the priorites/values that each style/phase espouses. 2)Development of the tango economy/marketplace. 3)Evolution of teaching - not just content/style, but modality, and the sort of expectations around the title/role of tango teacher. Anyone interested in fleshing out one or more of these story lines?

Daniel Trenner has “promised” to digitize his archives of videotapes from the 80s. Do we know if that is already available?

Here’s a video of Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes demonstrating different ages of tango:

That would almost be a project for some of “us”. Like a video/podcast to bring the knowledge together through videos and interviews with those who have lived it.