How communication technology shapes nations

Totally (?) unrelated to tango… But maybe not.

A lot of what we are thinking here actually is supported by the article above.

@trust_level_1 might be interested to read it?

This was totally fascinating. I am curious how you saw it as (possibly) related to tango? :slight_smile:

I saw the connection like that:

  • Beginners in tango talk mostly with dance partners, between songs or tandas. But mostly with dancers of the opposite role.
  • At some point, people start talking with people of the same role, and with people while not being engaged in dancing or trying to hunt for a dance.
  • At some point, dancers start to venture deeper into some aspects of tango, being things like inner experience, musicality, technique. They converse with their teachers mostly.
  • At some point they start to exchange ideas and experiences with like minded dancers in a similar stage.
  • At some point some dancers become creators inside the tango ecosystem, but mostly still communicate inside their target customer circle.
  • At some point people start to engage with the greater community of tango dancers and creators meetimg fade to face (eg in Bs. As. )
  • Same, but asynchronously on a global internet scale.

We haven’t progressed through all stages as a global community, yet. But the disruption of internet communication is starting to appear also in tango where it can — everywhere but the actual dance experience itself.