List of Interesting Tango Projects

This is a list of interesting projects in the tango world. I believe we will need to structure this, later, because I expect this list to become quite large and constantly evolving.

Please add, and also add links if you have any.



Inclusive Tango



  • Books by Michael Lavocah
  • Women in tango by Theresa Faus

Hi @daniel thanks for starting this.

I love the idea of identifying instances of thought leadership in tango. It would be wonderful to be able to learn from, share and amplify these.

I would specifically love to find out more about interesting new experiments in learning experience design. E.g., approaches that help provide for needs that are not met by conventional learning formats like group classes and private instruction.

I’m also curious and excited about initiatives that are explicitly intentional, e.g., that explicitly incorporates tango in an intent to be of service to something larger.

Experiments in learning experience design:

Here are some that I’m aware of because I was involved in them but I would love to find out about more that are out there!

  • Learning labs - sessions in which leveled participants alternately teach and learn from one another using a documented curriculum. For instance the Oxygen Tango Learning Lab is a peer-to-peer format where learners teach and learn from each other using a documented curriculum. The Tango Manual is a curriculum for peer-to-peer formats like this.

  • Courses - Cohort-based, facilitator-led programs that include multiple instructional layers. Usually 6-10 participants with a single main facilitator and assistant, usually 12 weeks but could be as long as 52 weeks. Includes elements like: weekly class/practice requirement; weekly 15-minute lesson; alumni buddy/mentor from the community for weekly practice; independent reading/projects relating to music, history, culture; field trips; weekly cohort support meeting; weekly journal submission; final recital/capstone project; program is fully paid in advance. The Tango Challenge is an example that has been offered 30+ times across at least three different communities.

  • Beginner’s milongas - structured events that break down the milonga norms for newcomers

  • Self-directed online programs. Programs that individuals can take to discover tango on their own from home or wherever they are. I think COVID has led to a whole bunch of these and I’d love to find out about any interesting examples that people have experience with. Here are a couple I have been tinkering with: It Takes One To Tango is for individuals to develop their relationship with tango through 30 days of musical meditations, practice with sticks, and watching videos. Love Takes Practice is a course for a couple (with no tango experience) to take together at home using elements of tango to deepen their relationship with embodied practices over 6 weeks.

Anyone else have any to share?

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@Thorsten , the above relates to what we chatted about, you might find the linked material on learning labs interesting. Please feel free to add other interesting projects you’re aware of or working on!

Great ideas. I will add more if I can think of some.

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