Tango Networks and Associations

This is a wiki post to add links to existing tango networks and associations.

ProTango, an association of tango professionals in Germany.

AwakenTango, values-centered network of people who envision a more connected world and see Argentine tango as a guiding light

@daniel is there a tagging feature to tag resources by language? It could be a helpful feature for the future…

Maybe #hashtags can work for that. I haven’t figured out what the best way to actually share curated lists of links is.

What does it mean that it’s a wiki post? will links added to this thread feed into a knowledge base? Is there any formatting or content protocol?

Try to edit the main post. Anyone should be able to do that, thus a “wiki” post. This applies per category - and the #wiki (Knowledge Base) category is set so that any post automatically is like that.

Once we move content like this to semantic mediawiki, we will have everything we dream about, without the need for complex database design.

It could even be made to look less like wikipedia, e.g. Demo Dokit