uLab Hub: Category needed?

Do we need a category for uLab?

I’m in the first Hub call in Zoom right meow!


Would that be one category? Or multiple ones for different groups?

You can just start in #uncategorized , and when we have enough posts, we create the category and move the existing posts…. We already have too much complexity as it is today, unfortunately.

I’d suggest we start with a #uLab tag and a thread in the Programs category.
I’ll look into sending a email notification to the wider Network, and would imagine linking to that thread in the email… Then comes again the question if this is a viable on-ramp for new users. Will the link to the thread allow them to see the content, and create a new-user profile? Or would it be better to send a “welcom to discourse” link?

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@Tracey so great that you could go to the hub host training! I think a thread in the Programs category would work great

Would probably send them to a “What is Discourse”, then “How to create an account” and then the “uLab Thread”